Teeth Clenching and Grinding


Do you feel stressed? Often have headaches? Your jaw pops or feels sore sometimes? If so then you probably clench or grind your teeth. Now this might seem like an innocent habit, but unfortunately it can have severe consequences. Every time you put too much force on your teeth you cause them to bend in unnatural ways. This can cause gum recession and even a term called abfraction. Abfraction is the loss of tooth structure right along the gum line. This can often cause increased sensitivity, you can trap food there and leave you susceptible to developing a cavity in that area. Another unfortunate side effect of clenching and grinding is broke or cracked teeth. This can be an even more severe for you because this can lead to needing a crown or even losing the tooth. If you think you are grinding or clenching, please feel free to ask your dentist. He will be your guide in preventing further damage and keep you smile healthy and beautiful.

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