Getting Numb With the Dental Wand


When we think of getting numb we think of an uncomfortable experience and we would rather not do it. As dentistry has grown and changed so have the methods we use to get patients numb. The type of topical we use now is compounded to be more potent and works more effectively in numbing the tissue to minimize patient discomfort when giving the anesthetic. Also we here at Dr. Alspaugh’s office no longer use the old fashioned syringe we use a new machine called the Wand. The Wand is a computer assisted anesthesia system that helps control the flow of the anesthetic allowing for a more relaxed experience and faster onset of the numbing medicine. This allows the start of the dental appointment to go effortlessly allowing for an overall flawless appointment with no discomfort and a tranquil atmosphere. We also offer reversible agents for those who dislike the “fat lip” feeling these decrease the time that patients are numb. This makes it easier for returning to work or other commitments.

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