Custom Made Crown in Office


Who knew when your dentist told you that you needed a crown that you would get it all done in one appointment. With the cerac machine at Dr. Alspaugh’s office we can make you a custom fit crown in office right in front of you. Getting told you need a crown is never fun, but the process of getting one should be easy and quick. At our office we first scan your teeth with a machine called cerac. This scanning takes a digital impression of your teeth that you immediately see on the screen. No more messy, goopy, slimy material that has to set up in your mouth. Next, the Doctor comes in, gets you numb and preps the tooth for the crown. Another digital impression is taken, which is just more scanning with a camera with our machine. Then, either the dentist or assistant start making your crown using a computerized image of what your crown will look like. Once the crown is made digitally then they send it to a milling machine. This machine mills your crown from a solid block of porcelain. After that, they try the crown in and make any adjustments that need to be made. Next, the crown is painted with a glaze and put in a small kiln to fire. This is what gives the crown that smooth glossy appearance. Last, the crown is cemented into your mouth and you are free to go. No need to come back. You don’t have to miss more work or school again. You don’t have to be numbed again, or deal with a temporary crown. All the corrections on the crown are made at this appointment. Everything is finished and taken care of.

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