Benefits of Using a Diagnodent


Here at Dr. Alspaugh’s office we use a low level, non damaging laser beam called a diagnodent. It might seem scary, but actually it is quite simply and easy to use. All it does is shine through the tooth allowing early detection of cavities. When we first go to use the diagnodent we first put it up against a tooth to calibrate it just for your teeth. Then, we run it along the biting surfaces, cheek surfaces, and along the inside surfaces. If it detects a cavity or the very beginning of one you will hear a loud beeping noise. When you hear that noise then you know there is something like a cavity either starting or developing on that tooth. It can also locate cavities that are often undetectable with the “pokey” instrument that have been used in the past. It is more accurate at diagnosing cavities earlier for a more conservative filling. It is stress-free, effective and a lot less traumatizing to the tooth.

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